Rafting the Grand Canyon, April 2010 with Western River Expeditions ( www.westernriver.com )


We had a great set of guides for this trip - over 300 trips between the two of them.  Mark Pierce ("MP"), Craig Lutke ("Lucky"), and Jason Van Der Beek ("Beek") - sorry guys if I goofed up the spelling of any names.  Mark was doing his 199th trip with us, Craig was well over 100 but couldn't remember how many and Beek (a Firefighter Captain in real life) was on his 4th and helping out.  Mark brought the daily geology lesson and Craig the history lessons.  We learned that when Craig jumped up on the load and started to explain the history of a rapid - it was a going to be full roller coaster ride!


Below are all the folks on our boat

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Click here to see how the raft is designed and loaded by us and the guides each morning after breakfast (fireline style !)(oh - and the "A", "B" and "C" have different real names versus what is on the website:  A = Up Front or more correctly - Jonathan, Rebecca's and Ara's seats!, B = the Buckboard, C = The Chicken Coop.  Jonathan scored the HardCore award for notching 100% occupancy up front!

The rest of our cast of characters (again - apologies for any spelling errors folks!):


Finally - Me

Nick Fohl