Parson's Peak, August 2001

Parson's Peak is on the eastern side of Yosemite National Park in California - near the famous Tuolumne Meadows.  My buddy, Kaj Pedersen and I arrived on a warm Saturday morning after an early morning leave from the SF Bay Area, collected a wilderness permit and set out.  Approximately a 30 mile round trip over two days.  Elevation of the Meadows is about 8,800' and Parson's Peak is 12,200'.  The hiking is mostly flat with a few large, short jumps in elevation - settling into a slow, steady groove is required!  We saw several Rangers watching fires that were smoldering - lighting strikes.  Fortunately they were in extremely rocky areas so were not in danger of becoming wildfires.  We saw sheet lightning overnight but all so far away we could not hear any thunder.  Below are some interesting sites on Yosemite.

As soon as I get my act in gear, I will download GPS data and try to marry it up with a map for a little way finding and trip data.

Nick Fohl

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