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Equipment and Gear

I have updated the spreadsheets for each class to include the changes that came with Free2Play in October 2010 (Annuminas & Helegrod sets).  This is something I worked up for each class assuming that if you are a casual player, you likely will have high quality crafted armour before radiance gear - so I used the Lothlorien critical success crafter sets as a baseline to compare stats with selected barter armour

Lotro Roster
  •  Created by Lotroster v1.4.0 written by Eric Sauvageau - thanks Eric for making this available to the community  http://www.lostrealm.ca/tower/ 
  • NOTE - this tool interacts with the LoTRO Lorebook and if that is running slowly,  - just try again a bit latter and it works fine. 
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