May 14 2011 Guye Peak in Washington State

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Myself and my buddy Kaj took a quick training hike up Guye Peak on Saturday 5/14.  There was a ton of snow in the mountains and it had been raining hard off and on for weeks and re-freezing at night creating a very large avalanche hazard - so we hiked out of the ski area near Snoqualamie (about 3000') and bagged Guy Peake which is about 5100'

7 miles round trip, 2:45 minutes including lunch  - which I thought was outstanding considering I was trying to stay comfortably in the moderate exertion zone.  I developed a medium sized hernia in October 2010 (not sure how since I was just walking around) and had surgery shortly before Christmas.  Recovery has been slow - to the point where my only exercise was walking to work and a single 2 hour bike ride a few weeks before.  Kaj was very nice about waiting for me and there were 3 REI guided trips ahead of us who found good, well packed snow to walk in and left good steps - so it was straight forward

Weather was good - overcast (but high glare - you can see me squinting - Kaj remembered his sunglasses - I did not) - rain held off till the car ride home

I must say, having a PPJ sandwich on summit for lunch is the way to go :-)

Photos are from Kaj's Blackberry smartphone - I brought my camera up from San Francisco but forgot to actual 'bring" it with us to the mountains - oops

Kaj and I on the summit Snoqualamie general area
The summit from about 1/2 way up Me following the steps from Kaj and the REI folks ahead of us
The summit - the highway is visible at the lower right Kaj on the summit
Me enjoying a snack on the way up