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Custom Furniture - pieces that I have built either for myself or my friends here in San Francisco. (updated 11/30/2003)

bike related stuff - various bike and other that I have had over the years (updated 10/2005)

The Wounded Warrior Project which helps Vets be active in the outdoors with the newest generation high performance prosthetics, activities and support groups.  I send them money monthly



I am behind - so this is being updated a bit randomly


I had a surgery to deal with a medium sized hernia at the end of 2010 and I have been recovering slowly, so I decided that all hiking trips this year are going to with day-pack sized loads so that I don't re-injure things. Mt. Olympus should be very fun!

  • May 14/15 – Guye Peak - a short, fun climb in Snoqualamie WA.  Just what I needed as I recover fitness.

  • My brother Jeff went on a climb that I passed up this year since I am still healing up - Mt. Sill - FANTASTIC slide show here

  • Aug 3-6 – Mt. Olympus (7,965) in WA. Dan Olsen is pulling the team together and we will have Llamas/Mules to carry our kit into base camp – positive luxury.

  • Sept 10/11 Best Buddies ride - we are doing the hundred mile ride this year in remembrance of Roger Lyon (who I went to China with - see below)

  • Oct 15/16 – Something local in WA before the weather really turns and yet to be determined.


Kaj has done the usual excellent planning



  • The Shanghai 7 visit China on the SLO Chamber of Commerce sponsored trip

  • April 26/27 - Two climbs over the weekend. [1] Guye Peak (5168ft) with a total distance of 7 miles with an
    elevation gain of 4200ft. [2] Silver Peak (5605ft) with a total distance of 9 miles and an elevation gain of 3800ft. This will be a couple of good season openers and reasonable hikes for those less inclined to tackle the mountaineering routes planned for later in the season.

    • Update - the snow was so deep and soft that it was avalanche city and we had a really good time but no summits either day! 

    • Shutterfly hi-rez photos 

  • May 31/Jun 1 - Mt. Tyndall, CA (14,015ft). The plan is to ascend this mountain from the Eastern approach using Shepherd Pass. It is a relatively easy route to the summit with some exposure near the top of the summit. The plan is to hike in 8 miles to Anvil Camp. We will stay overnight at Anvil Camp (10,000ft) and go for the summit either on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when we decide to hike in (preferably Friday afternoon). Once we have summated, we will return to camp. Pack up and depart from the area. The route is class two for those who are interested in the grading.

    • Update - we went in via Shepherd's pass and it was warm but we had 3' of snow in the last 10 days at 14,000 feet which made for a challenging day. 

    • Shutterfly hi-rez photos 

  • June 28/27 - Engagement party - Marty and Allison in SFO

  • Jul 11/12 (Friday & Saturday) - Margaret's dance performance.   Link to the raw files (both JPG and MOV movies)

  • July 26/27 - No trip - collides with our annual Business Continuity test

  • Aug 2 - Aug 10th - in Carlisle on vacation includes lots of pictures of me and my dad doing iron and wood work :-)

  • Aug - we did Mt. Adams here but everyone forgot their camera.  Good time though!

  • Aug 22/23 (Friday & Saturday) - Marty and Allison's Wedding  An awesome setting, beautiful ceremony and great party with everyone there (plus I finally got to meet Winnie and Tony!!!)

  • Sep 5/6 (Friday & Saturday) - Best Buddies Charity Ride 

  • Sept 27/28 - Mt. Shukshan, WA. Another classic for the Cascades and this will be a guided weekend trip. Please let me know your interest as soon as possible, so I can make arrangements for the guide. There will be some climbing on this near the top, for those who are not interested in the rock climbing aspect of the trip.


  • New Year's Day ride in San Francisco through the Presidio on my fixed gear IRO
  • The trip to London with Tom, Joan and Allison in March
  • April 27/29 - Two climbs over the weekend.  [1]Snoqualmie Mountain (6278ft) and Guye Peak (5168ft) with a total distance of 7 miles with an elevation gain of 4200ft.  [2] Silver Peak (5605ft) with a total distance of 9 miles and an elevation gain of 3800ft.  This will be a couple of good season openers and reasonable hikes for those less inclined to tackle the mountaineering routes planned for later in the season.
  • May 18/20 -  No trip
  • June 29/July 1 - Mt. Langley in Southern California (over 14,000 feet) and this is a 21-mile round trip to be completed in one day.   This is a brutally long day and it is not for the feint-hearted, but if you feel you are at the top of your game and you want to participate in a climb that shows off some of the best country the Sierra's can offer then you should come on this trip.  Be prepared: it is hot, long and strenuous work - expect a long day of 14-16 hours. 
  • August 24-26 - Guided trip up Mt. Russell (just over 14,000 feet).  This will be a two day trip requiring a night stop on the mountain.   We will find ourselves in California again for this classic mountaineering route just to the right of Mt. Whitney.  The route will take us up the mountaineer's route for some climbing to get to the summit.  This should be a good two-day event.   



2004 and older stuff...

The Ringworld is a very interesting Science Fiction construction that LOTS of people have been fascinated with since it was first published in 1971.  Anyway, I stumbled on a dedicated to Mr. Niven's work (and Ringworld in particular) and pulled in this animated conception of the initial approach from deep space.  The artist (Perry Papadopoulos) has done a fantastic job capturing the feel - I've re-compressed the animation in Quicktime 4 in order to get a high quality yet smaller file size - check it out here

  • Kids and baby pictures of my friends:

  • Eddie and Olivia Kraebel with mom & dad (Rockin' Robin and Jeff) (61 KB))

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