Mt Hoffman Climb June 2003
Nick Fohl
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50FOHL-R1-1 50FOHL-R1-10 50FOHL-R1-11 50FOHL-R1-12 50FOHL-R1-13
50FOHL-R1-1.jpg 50FOHL-R1-10.jpg 50FOHL-R1-11.jpg 50FOHL-R1-12.jpg 50FOHL-R1-13.jpg
50FOHL-R1-14 50FOHL-R1-15 50FOHL-R1-16 50FOHL-R1-17 50FOHL-R1-18
50FOHL-R1-14.jpg 50FOHL-R1-15.jpg 50FOHL-R1-16.jpg 50FOHL-R1-17.jpg 50FOHL-R1-18.jpg
50FOHL-R1-19 50FOHL-R1-2 50FOHL-R1-20 50FOHL-R1-21 50FOHL-R1-22
50FOHL-R1-19.jpg 50FOHL-R1-2.jpg 50FOHL-R1-20.jpg 50FOHL-R1-21.jpg 50FOHL-R1-22.jpg

Kaj and I did Hoffman and Toulomine (both around 11K' ) over one weekend in Yosemite - pretty easy and nobody around